holiday and gift

happy mother's day

a floral yet sweet peony blossom

Merry Christmas

pine essential oil

Happy Holidays

pine with under notes of cranberry, rum and cinnamon reminiscent of a Victorian christmas

the collection:

8oz glass with fabric tag and paper lid


Custom sentiments, company logos, or quotes

custom printed fabric tags min. 24

linen bags available

no. 1, Love

strong notes of vanilla and caramel

with slight notes of bergamot, citrus and fig leaves

no. 2, Kindness

coconut with a creamy vanilla note

no. 3, Peace

delicate white tea mingled with fresh slightly spicy ginger

no. 4, Goodness

sweet, robust aroma of fresh cut pineapple

no. 5, Faith

Juicy and sweet with a hint of must

no. 6 Joy

unique vibrant blend of ripe current berries

no. 7, Grace

herbal infusion of lavender and rosemary balanced with a touch of bergamot

no. 8, Hope

reminiscent of rain on the sea shore with jasmine notes